H2200 LPG/CNG Injector
H2200 LPG/CNG Injector H2200 LPG/CNG Injector

H2200 LPG/CNG Injector

For Heavy Trucks & OEM applications The HANA H2200 is the largest flow side feed type injector available from our company. It has the highest flow rate (369-850L) among the existing LPG / CNG injectors, and is specially designed for heavy-duty...
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Korea Multi Suction Auto Injector For Aesthetic Mesotherapy

HYCOOX MULTI SUCTION INJECTOR Auto-Sensing Injector NOBAMEDI KOREA's HYCOOX multi suction auto injector brings a new world to the dermatologists. The majority of injectors are operated with a foot switch or trigger. However, HYCOOX is operated...
Main Item Skin Beauty Equipment
Business Type Manufacturer

Green X Injector Cream

Description The Green X Injector Cream features a combination of ingredients such as CoAXEL and Bio-EDS, which provides a slimming effect. Other ingredients including the combination of IGF-1, EGF and Matrixy 3000 will increase synthesis of...
Main Item cosmetics
Business Type Manufacturer, Exporter